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The Sleep Remedy You Can Have Every Night

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You told us you don’t want to take something you have to depend on to get you to sleep.  Neither do we!

There is absolutely nothing dependency-forming within our sleep drink – which is the beauty of it! You can simply take it every evening before bed for the assurance of a better-quality night, resting in the knowledge that, according to the research, there may well be significant protective health benefits (not side effects!) too.  You can read more about the benefits on our blog.  Having our bedtime drink regularly is, we believe, body-beneficial and therefore positively good for you.  We believe our go-to ‘nappetiser’ provides a win-win situation:  good quality sleep, which in itself is one of the most protective things you can do for your health, achieved by drinking a beverage which has its own inherent health benefits. Also, a collagen supplement needs to be taken regularly to achieve the best results for the skin.  It’s why we are more than happy to take it every night!

Here’s where you can reclaim your beauty sleep and this explains some of the other collateral benefits of the drink– it’s why we call it a body-beneficial drink.

Hope this was helpful!

Sophie & Sarah

Beauty Sleep Testimonial from Donna