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Our ambition is to help everyone, including you, achieve quality sleep, naturally.  This starts with using our beauty sleep boosting beverage as part of your evening wind-down routine.

Our bedtime drink is different and effective. Through a carefully thought-through blend of botanicals and nutrients, we designed this product to cast a wide net over the whole body to produce sleep inducing effects.  Unlike other sleep remedies, which focus purely on the relaxing effect on the brain, this carefully designed formula, also works on other parts of the body (where the root cause of insomnia lies for most people in our opinion), not just the brain.  For example, the adrenal glands, where the pesky fight or flight hormones (the hormones that are responsible for the mental alertness and sometimes a racing heart at night) come from.

Why is our approach different? No other sleep product gives you a shot of skin-rejuvenating collagen, so our dual-function product gets you to sleep AND gives you a beauty boost.

And if this wasn’t enough, the additional health benefits of the all-natural, non-addictive ingredients* make this drink positively good for you too, which is why we are more than happy to take it every night. 

1. Pharmaceutical grade Chamomile extract, standardised for apigenin content which research has shown to be neuroprotective and relaxing on the nervous system

2. L-theanine induces alpha brain waves, the same type observed during meditation. It also lowers cortisol and reduces anxiety

3. Research has shown that collagen supplementation results in increased skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles within 8 weeks.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can read what our customers have to say about our beautiful beverage here.

Hope this was helpful!

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