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Insomnia Is A Symptom Of Magnesium Deficiency

So, could you be magnesium deficient?

It has been estimated that three quarters of the population are so how would you know?  Here are just some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency:


I know, they sound familiar. And that is not an exhaustive list!  You can read more about magnesium and sleep on this blog post.

Why buy our recommendations?

Because we only recommend remedies that are safe, natural and effective. We make our choices based on product purity (to the best of our knowledge) and bioavailability (how well they are absorbed by the body). We provide different options based on affordability and lifestyle but we believe in them all!  We’ve selected a range of products that will suit all budgets and preferences too.

You may like to try one of the oral supplements recommended below to raise your magnesium levels quickly, but you could still benefit from an Epsom Salt bath for the direct relaxing and detoxifying effects. Some people don’t have the time or can’t take baths and for them, the magnesium spray can be a great option instead.

Products We Recommend

Magnesium Supplements

Not all magnesiums are the same. Some are poor quality and others are just plain difficult to digest and absorb. Below, is our favourite oral supplement:


This is our favourite magnesium supplement. ReMag is a pico-ionic (meaning very small particle size which is better for absorption) liquid magnesium. It is highly absorbable and we receive amazing reports on the difference this makes to sleep and to day time well-being too.

Click on the image to purchase via Botanica Health Online Store

Magnesium Spray and Magnesium Baths

Magnesium is very well absorbed across the skin and can be really effective on the nervous system absorbed this way.

Better You Magnesium Goodnight Spray

This is a great option where the budget is tight and we also get great reports on how well this works. Check out the reviews!

This is the best product we can recommend to you:

Click on the image to purchase via Amazon Store

Epsom Bath Salts

Do not underestimate the power of Epsom Salt baths. They can be very effective for getting a restful and restorative sleep. Bathing in Epsom Salts is relaxing, pain relieving and detoxifying all at one time. Magnesium sulphate crosses the skin barrier extremely well and the sulphate encourages detoxification at the same time.

We have provided two of the most economical options for you to be able to enjoy 2-3 large mugs of Epsom salts per bath.

We really recommend this as being a pillar of your routine. Why? Because, to help you back on your path to strength and restoration, it is so good for to take to time to be well! You can add a couple of drops of relaxing essential oils to increase the benefits of your bath. See below for our essential oil recommendations for relaxation and sleep.

Our top tip – add a handful of bicarbonate of soda to your bath too. It will further assist the magnesium absorption.

These are the best products we can recommend to you.

Click on the image to purchase via the Amazon store..

25Kg x Epsom Salts

10Kg x Epsom Salts

1Kg x Bicarbonate of Soda

For added bliss – enjoy a beautifully relaxing bath with 2 or 3 drops of one of these stunning essential oils

Mystic Moments Essential Oil Blend – Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram and Chamomile

Pure Organic Lavender Oil

Additional Information

We do not make these additional sleep aids, but they are recommended by Sophie in her clinic and you can get them either directly from the manufacturer via amazon or from Botanica Health online shop.  Botanica is run by Sophie’s sister, Naomi and it’s where Sophie’s clinic is located.  We have supplied the links to make it easy for you to get the products that we know are genuine and the real deal. As a thank you for the referral we get a small percentage of the purchase price which helps us to keep our website running.

You may need something from each step or just one small adjustment, everyone is different.  You can try several additional remedies or each one systematically for example:

Do give each remedy a good four to six weeks to feel the full benefits (your sleep quality and an increased sense of well-being are good indicators they are working for you). Although you can start to feel the benefits of taking these supplements quickly, full recovery can take longer for some and we believe that health and sleep are something we have to take care of daily. But, like Sophie and Sarah, you CAN get your sleep back.

Rest assured we are here to help you sleep. Stick with us and we will help good quality sleep become more than just a dream.