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Sophie Achieved What A Sleep Clinic Could Not

This is one client’s testimonial of how Sophie managed to achieve what a sleep clinic could not.

Our ambition is to help all our customers get to sleep.  The first step to reclaiming a beautifully restorative night’s sleep is having a wind-down routine which includes Beauty Sleep.  Beauty Sleep is the foundation sleep aid we recommend to all our sleep-deprived customers.

Realistically, however, a sleep drink isn’t going to work for everyone and some, like this client, may need extra help.  That’s where we are grateful for the opportunity to deal with those clients on a more personal basis to see what else can be done.  To all our customers who, after having followed our ten top tips for sleep and incorporated Beauty Sleep into an effective nightly wind-down routine, are still not getting quality sleep, we encourage you to get in touch; both Sophie and I, as well as countless clients and customers, are living proof it’s possible to get your sleep back.

“Sophie has naturally restored me to my positive self, through a simple, supportive and uncomplicated path. She has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely supportive.

About 6 months ago, I was exhausted with a list of ailments which included, Insomnia, water retention, extreme PMS, weekly weight fluctuation, heat sensitivity, aching joints…the list seemed endless. My self-confidence plummeted. I realised I had reached a helpless point with my health and my life became saturated with my negativity and low self-esteem. I became very intolerant to my husband and children and this was a debilitating feeling for me, as deep down, I really knew that I couldn’t be without them. I increased my already busy exercise regime and intake of raw foods in an attempt to heal myself, but this seemed to have a negative impact on my symptoms.

My GP, ordered blood tests which came back abnormal thyroid function but not abnormal enough to be treated This left me with all these frustrating symptoms and no diagnosis. He then decided to refer me to a sleep disorder clinic to see if there was an explanation for my extreme tiredness during the day.

During the overnight sleep study, I was wired up, to monitor heart rate, breathing and limb movements to check my sleep pattern for disturbed sleep. The consultant explained that the results indicated that I was indeed not getting restorative sleep and there was something arousing a part of my brain during my sleep. A follow up was required to do a further sonography of my brain to pinpoint the active area in my brain. I was advised the resulting treatment as a solution to this problem, would be ‘heavy duty’ amphetamines.

I was adverse to this kind of treatment; however the diagnosis focused me to seek alternative help whilst awaiting my follow up at the hospital.

The following week I had an appointment with Sophie. Sophie quickly identified the problem and immediately set a remedy in place. Within days there was an improvement. A few weeks later, my new thyroid results returned showing an improvement in my Thyroid function.

Sophie then targeted my lack of sleep. A few days into this treatment, I awoke and felt restored, something, which I had not experienced for a very long time. Since this day all the previous symptoms had dissipated and the follow-up sleep study, as I expected, resulted in me being discharged!

I would never have thought that sleep deprivation could have caused such a web of health issues and how this would affect my outlook on everything.

Sophie has naturally restored me to my positive self, through a simple, supportive and uncomplicated path. She has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely supportive.

Thank you Sophie, I feel very blessed to have met you.”

Sarah & Sophie

PS.  To date our drink has helped not only us get back to sleep but many, many others too including a lady who hadn’t slept in 33 years and another who has been on sleeping tablets for 20; but we can only help those people who let us know that they are still having trouble sleeping, so if that’s you, please do get in touch either via our FACEBOOK page or EMAIL. ????