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Sleep Expertise Dispensed By Insomnia Specialists

Sophie & Sarah of Done Counting Sheep

We’re Sophie and Sarah and we are both reformed insomniacs.  

But there’s a little bit more to us than that.

Sophie is a Medical Herbalist with over 15 years’ experience successfully helping clients achieve better health using herbal wisdom.  Getting people to sleep is a particular specialism and is rooted in the ethos that the path to quality sleep lies not in the psychology but our physiology.

Medical and herbal know-how creates sleep expertise

With a family history of doctors dating back nearly 300 years, Sophie is the only second generation Medical Herbalist in the UK.  Daughter of Brian Lamb and one of the UK’s longest practicing Medical Herbalists, Sophie grew up in a household where herbs were the first-line medicine. From hedgerow to health, her childhood was punctuated by regular herb picking outings with her father and three sisters in the Highlands of Scotland where the family lived. These experiences, plus a deep interest in science and nature, led Sophie to follow in her father’s footsteps to gain an honours degree of Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine, incredibly, under the same school principal as her father. Since then, she has lectured to medics in Copenhagen on the use of medicinal herbs in Alzheimer’s disease and presented talks on a holistic approach to cancer at the Nuffield Hospital.

Successfully getting clients back to sleep

A lifetime spent experiencing and observing the healing power of herbs at first-hand, Sophie’s approach combines evidence-based science with traditional botanical wisdom to address a wide spectrum of modern ailments like insomnia. Her approach has been tried and tested professionally, as well as personally, on a succession of sleep-deprived clients (like Sarah) Sophie sees from her practice located in her sister Naomi’s boutique health store, Botanica, in Rusthall (near Tunbridge Wells, Kent).

Sophie also suffered from years of debilitating insomnia before learning a vital fact which is central to her sleep ethos (and this blog): it’s not our psychology, it’s our physiology that’s keeping us all awake and the great news is we can change it!  Read what one of Sophie’s clients had to say about Sophie’s expertise in getting her back to sleep.

Insomnia brought us together, it’s how we met

Sarah, is a Public Relations practitioner who had been suffering from insomnia for almost ten years when she chanced across Sophie’s expertise. A house move, a subsequent job loss and consequential pressure of mortgage payments, two operations for fibroids, a recurring eye problem later, Sarah’s insomnia had become progressively worse.

Having overheard a conversation on a train about Botanica and how good the practitioners were there, Sarah ended up, quite by chance, in Sophie’s consulting room armed with a multitude of health problems. Now, if you’re not sleeping, your body can’t deal with health problems so Sophie focused on getting Sarah to sleep.  That was achieved by changing Sarah’s diet which, after years of being misinformed by dietary dogma, meant she was missing out on the very foods that could help to get her back to sleep.  Sophie also gave Sarah the prototype recipe for our beautiful bedtime beverage and got her back to sleep, something that homeopathy, hypnotherapy, sleeping pills, CBT and an expensive mattress had failed to do.

Sarah still has the usual life worries, such as a  horrendous mortgage, but after what feels like a lifetime of insomnia, Sarah is now  regularly achieving eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

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