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What You Need To Do To Sleep Better At Night

Reading Time: 1 minute
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • "It tastes divine and since drinking this before bed, I’ve never slept so well and DEEPLY!  Not only is this fantastic, but it’s great for your skin and anxiety. Omg, it really is amazing. Cannot recommend highly enough."
  • "… it made a miraculous and immediate effect on my skin. Literally the next day my skin felt soo refreshed. My skin had been grey and dry and instantly felt plumper and had a glow. Since then it’s been getting better and better..."
  • "Beauty sleep is amazing …. my partner and I have been using it for just over a week now and we are sleeping like babies …. would recommend to anyone who has trouble sleeping…. it is so good 😊😊😊"
  • "Having suffered from insomnia on and off since childhood, I am relishing Beauty Sleep. Not only does it taste lovely but it induces a good quality sleep."
  • "I love Beauty Sleep. Before I started taking the drink I’d been having broken sleep. Sometimes 5 hours sometimes a minimum of 2. Beauty Sleep has literally changed my life. I now sleep throughout the night. Thank you sooo much."
  • "Love this stuff. – tastes delicious and I am sleeping right through from 10pm to 6am…I thought I slept quite well but I’m falling asleep and sleeping the whole night – I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that and I am feeling so much better for it."
  • "…normally it takes about 2-3hrs for me to fall asleep but with beauty sleep it was less then 1hr! And after little one woke me up in the middle of the night I could go back to sleep with no problem. Plus it tastes great!..."
  • "After three weeks of no sleep due to the crazy stresses of modern life I bought ‘beauty sleep’. This has given me back the gift of sleep and having taken it for a few days has given my body back its sleep rhythm."
  • "…An hour before bed I warm my milk and add 2 scoops of Beauty Sleep, it tastes lovely just bliss. It just seems to help stop the cogs turning and I drift off to sleep. Brilliant."
  • “I just love your product - it truly has changed my life and that of my two sons, one of which has had the most dreadful time with insomnia.  He was so desperate I've been sharing my last package of it with him this week and it has really helped him.  He said 'that drink really works' and went on to say that he wished he'd known about it years ago, so we're very happy customers!”
  • "After experiencing a prolonged period of insomnia, (due to stress I’m sure!), Sophie suggested that I try taking ‘Beauty Sleep’.  I am now a week in, but from the first night, I slept soundly, and have done since starting it."
    Mrs B
  • "I thought it was a soothing drink with a really lovely taste. After getting up during the night I did get back to sleep quickly and woke feeling refreshed and energised which rarely happens. I had a really good night’s sleep."
  • "Took Beauty Sleep for the first time last night and slept 8 hours for the very first time in years – definitely highly recommend and will continue to use. Woke up feeling refreshed instead of being tired and irritable."
  • "The first night, I slept like a log – the first time in ages. I felt so refreshed and chilled the next day. I continued to drink it every night up to my race and I continued to sleep brilliantly. On race day I was SO calm and raced the best I have done in ages."
  • "…it’s taken a few days to really make a difference but I’ve gone from four hours to seven and a half which is amazing.  Ihave to admit I’ve tried so many things over the last year.  When I say this works, I mean it."
  • "I was struggling to sleep and discovered Beauty sleep by accident. It is a miracle worker. I slept like a baby the first time I took it. Tastes delicious as well."
  • "It really works for me. Astonishing product! Thank you very much I’m Done Counting Sheep! Nice one x"
  • "Beauty Sleep is really helping my sleep quality. It’s a cleverly designed product which covers a lot of bases. Really impressed and pleased with the results."
  • "I’m really loving Beauty Sleep. I’m having a particularly stressful month (my father-in-law is very ill, my son broke three bones playing football last weekend, my daughters have been doing A Level and GCSE mocks and my husband has been abroad with work). Normally I would really struggle to sleep when my life is so hectic, but I’ve been getting a good 7 hours every night and the alarm is waking me up in the morning for the first time in years!"
  • "Wonderful product…it's reset my bar and my sleep is deeply refreshing."
  • "It really has helped me nod off. Feels warm and settling. Really works. I recommended to friend with Fibromyalgia and she slept better for first time in years!"
  • "As a Senior, my life has been changed for the better by Beauty Sleep. I still wake in the night but with a pleasantly sedated feeling and soon go off again. Most importantly, I rise refreshed."
  • "Beauty Sleep has really helped!! I don’t have that much trouble getting off to sleep, but I have trouble getting back to sleep and often wake very early, I’ve managed to get back to sleep easier and have managed even to sleep till nearly 8am one day, which is unheard of for me! Hehe"  
  • "I just love beauty sleep. I didn't take it on holiday with me and although I slept ok I couldn't wait to get home so I could drink it again with warm oat milk in the evening. Sophie's father Brian discovered I had a milk allergy when I was about 4 so I've always kept up with what the Lamb's advice is and really enjoy reading Sophie and Naomi's blogs."
  • "My GP referred me to a sleep disorder clinic to see if there was an explanation for my extreme tiredness during the day. The sleep clinic suggested ‘heavy duty’ amphetamines so I decided to seek alternative help. Sophie quickly identified the problem and immediately set a remedy in place. A few days into this treatment, I awoke and felt restored, something, which I had not experienced for a very long time. Since this day all the previous symptoms had dissipated and the follow-up sleep study, as I expected, resulted in me being discharged!"
  • "... I feel completely relaxed and don’t seem to suffer the anxiety spikes which so often happened at 3am. Thank you Sophie for giving me some chilled, restful sleep."
  • "Sleep has been something which I have struggled on and off with for years…at times when I’ve needed sleep the most for healing; it has eluded me. It was after one such time that I started taking Beauty Sleep and I can honestly say it works. This does the trick and people have also said I look well too and that my skin is glowing…"
  • "After 33 years of not sleeping, I tried Beauty Sleep.  First night, I slept for four hours.  My, did I feel good.  Second night five and a half hours.  Third night, six plus hours – the most uninterrupted sleep I’ve had in all these years."

Want to know how to get naturally good quality sleep?  Here’s where you’ll find the answers.  The blogs on this page share the information we have found useful in getting us to sleep beautifully night after night.

Quality sleep is vital for health

According to market researchers, Mintel, we’re very much not alone in our insomnia.  Getting a good night’s sleep is a struggle for around half of us in the UK; yet our health depends on it.  Chronic insomnia can have a negative impact on health, increasing our risk of depression and high blood pressure, and let’s not forget how it affects our quality of life.

Current advice isn’t addressing the whole picture

Our belief is that people are increasingly suffering because current advice isn’t addressing the whole picture of what’s keeping us awake at night.  In our opinion, to sleep better, it is vital to view your sleep as being connected to your overall health and physiology – insomnia is as much a symptom of imbalance as it is a cause of further imbalance. It is essential to respect the huge influence of the daylight and darkness on your internal body clock and that what you eat will also have a very significant impact of how well you sleep. In other words, what you do today will affect how you sleep tonight and the preparation actually starts in the morning.  This, and not heavy-duty sedatives, is the correct way to view sleep and get yourself back on the road to being your own sleep expert.

Read our blogs below to find out more about our approach and beliefs in relation sleep.  In these posts we not only share the natural remedies we have found work best but also explain why these solutions work to help us all get a better night’s sleep.  If you have any questions or comments please get in touch socially or via our email, we’d love to hear from you.