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Herbal Remedy With A Difference

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So herbal remedies haven’t worked for you in the past?  Our beauty sleep boosting beverage is different.

Unlike other sleep remedies which focus purely on the sedative effect on the brain, this carefully designed formula also operates on other parts of the body, not just the brain. For example, the adrenal glands, where the pesky fight or flight hormones (the hormones that make you alert at night) come from. We designed this product to cast a wide net over the whole body to produce the sleep-inducing effects. We achieved this effect by carefully combining herbs, amino acids and nutrients.  And unlike other natural sleep aids out there, the additional health benefits of the ingredients make this drink positively good for you.  It’s the sleep remedy you can – and should – have every night.

Here’s where you can reclaim your beauty sleep and this explains some of the other collateral benefits of the drink– it’s why we call it a body-beneficial drink.

Hope this was helpful!

Sophie & Sarah

Beauty Sleep Testimonial from Christobell