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Why We Included Sugar In Our Bedtime Drink
May 21, 2018 donecountingsheep

Why We Included Sugar In Our Bedtime Drink

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We added sugar because, in the simplest of terms – we want you to sleep.

We know that a little carbohydrate (of which sugar is the only suitable one for our drink) helps you to sleep.


Well, have you ever heard of giving a person who is in shock sweet tea? And did you know that a little sugar in a drink can dampen aggression?

This is because having a sweet drink can lower someone’s shock/stress hormones.

Sugar Lowers Stress Hormones

You see, sugar actually lowers our fight or flight hormones, namely adrenaline and cortisol.  In fact, because the body’s first response to low blood sugar or perceived stress is to release these hormones in order to liberate glucose from elsewhere in the body, one of the best ways of bringing them back down again is to take a little something sweet.  But, what is the side effect to these hormones? Mental alertness and sometimes even aggression (heard of “hangry”?), as seen in this fascinating study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 

I think most of us would agree that the last thing we want in bed, as we are preparing for sleep, is mental alertness! But put your hands up if this is exactly what you experience even as you are desperately willing yourself to get to sleep!

And we may also need a little help with our glycogen reserve, a reservoir of glucose that is stored in our liver. After all, between meals, our body still relies upon a steady stream of glucose for our cells and especially our brain. But guess what? This need continues all through the night too because sleep is an active, not a passive process! If we go to bed with an eight-hour glycogen reserve, we may well be fortunate enough to get a blissful eight-hour sleep before cortisol kicks in again once this reserve has run out, to wake us up for the next day – which is perfectly normal and healthy.

Sugar Facts & Figures

Sugar, is by any other name, a simple carbohydrate and we have added the equivalent of half an apple to our drink. But, should we really get upset because we have included any sugar at all?

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures on sugar before we get swept away by anti-sugar hysteria.

Truth – sugar is not a high glycemic food.

Fact – sugar has a medium glycemic index (GI) of 58 (only 3 points above the low range) and a low glycemic load (GL) of 6. Here are some every day foods to put this into context:

  • Cornflakes have a GI of 92 and a GL of 24
  • Baked potatoes have a GI of 85 and a GL of 26
  • Cooked carrots have a GI of 92 and a GL of 5

No Artificial Anything (Including Sweetners) In Our Drink

Now, we are 100% for a nutritionally dense diet, in fact, we think this is paramount to sleeping well and to resisting stress. However, we simply don’t want to give you anything fake whilst making our drink taste good. Many companies, in their commitment to excluding sugar from their products, use artificial sweeteners instead. However, these ingredients have the potential to be allergenic or cause even greater harm and don’t do anything to lower stress hormones. Indeed, Dr Blaylock, a famous neurosurgeon wrote a book on these artificial sweeteners entitled, “Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills”. In his book he outlines the harmful effects of these sweeteners on the brain. And we are in the business of preserving the brain and not harming it – through quality sleep!

The bottom line is, we added sugar because it helps to lower stress hormones which is good for sleep, but it is also a very safe and non-allergenic sweetener, of which we have added the equivalent of half an apple per serving.

Enjoy our relaxing and delicious drink without an ounce of guilt. Rest well.


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