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THE Remedy For Insomnia
November 13, 2017 donecountingsheep

THE Remedy For Insomnia

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How We Reclaimed Our Beauty Sleep

Did you download our ‘Awake At 3AM SOS’ trick (if not we can send it to you)?  That drink really helped me sleep but it wasn’t always enough.  Sophie prescribed me herbs along with the drink but then a light bulb moment happened. I asked Sophie, “is it possible to combine the nutrients and herbs all together in one easy and delicious drink?” And so the journey began….

The Product Of Years and Years Of Experience

Our beautiful bedtime beverage is the culmination of Sophie’s 18 years’ experience as a medical herbalist, and embodies the knowledge that allowed us to recover, finally, from 14 years of our collective insomnia. Lack of sleep had also taught us long before it hit the media, that sleep is really important for the skin and we wanted to create a drink that supported the collagen production in our skin as we slept. And that’s exactly what we did. We are very, very pleased with it. Why? Because the proof is in the sleeping.

Dual Purpose:  Great For A Good Night, Superb For Skin

Our nighttime companion is a bit of a glow-giver too, thanks to the hefty dose of collagen in it.  Consumed at night in milk or milk substitute, this is our go-to ‘nappetiser’ – a drink taken before bed to promote one’s ability to sleep – that really works.

With only eight ingredients, Sophie’s packed it full of nature’s most somniferous botanicals (effective sleep-inducing herbs), stress-busting natural amino acids and nutrients. The addition of collagen helps to restore the skin, hair and nails while we, quite literally, get our beauty sleep; it’s also why we (and many of our clients) have noticed our skin looks healthier, more, well, ‘glowy’.  Want to know more about the glow-giving benefits of collagen?  You can read about that here.  Whilst on the subject of ingredients, you’ll be interested to know that all of those eight ingredients: can be found on a farm, in a field and/or kitchen cupboard, are of food and pharmaceutical grade, and free from gluten, GMO and anything artificial including anti-caking agents.

Here’s What Some Of Our Testers Have To Say:

“I tried it in milk and went off to sleep which is unusual.  I woke up and went back to sleep and felt more refreshed when I woke in the morning.”  Sarah

“I went to sleep immediately.  I had the best night’s sleep in a long time.” Jo

“Thank you for the bedtime potion. I really loved the taste of it! I mixed it with hot water and a drop of milk. It did really relax me. I felt quite calm and this started working after about 30-40 minutes I’d say.  I got up once in the night, which was an improvement as I would (on average) get up between 1-3 times. In the morning, I woke up at my normal time which is 6 am, got up, went out to the park. I did feel quite refreshed as though I’d had some quality sleep which I think is the main thing and a great bonus!”  Thanks Tracey – perhaps worth having a double dose of the drink, once in the afternoon after work and then again 30 mins before bedtime in hot milk.

Reclaim your beauty sleep now!  What have you got to lose, apart from more sleep?

Sleep well


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