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As former insomniacs we are done counting sheep. We’ve been there, done that and are now back asleep, at night, as we should. If you can’t sleep, then this blog is for you. It’s where we share our knowledge, experience and the naturally effective remedies that work for us (and our clients). Our goal is to help you, our fellow insomniacs, get back to sleep naturally and with integrity. Your success is our success.

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Here’s why you can’t sleep

Here’s what we know about insomnia. When you’re lying awake, wondering if you’ll ever get back or simply off to sleep, it’s very tempting to view the inability to sleep as a symptom of psychological distress. Believe us when we say we know how distressing this can be. And whilst we know sleepless nights can be the result of worry, from what we’ve learned, experienced and seen, we do not believe that is the case with the majority of insomniacs.

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Sleep hygiene is only part of the solution

Bottom line, our experience and research has shown that the problem with sleep resides not in your head but in your body. Or at least that’s where it starts. What you eat, how well you store glycogen, how high your stress hormones are, are some of the places where the secret to sleep is to be found. Yes, sleep hygiene can play a part to set the scene for sleep but on its own it can be a fruitless endeavor. In our experience, what matters most is your internal environment, not the external one

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Millions of people, right across the globe, are struggling to sleep every night – so you’re not alone.

Here is where we offer the sleep solutions that work for us and our network of insomniacs including the natural remedies that work the best.
We hope you find this blog a useful resource for helping you get back to sleep. Join the club if you want to stay in touch by entering your email into the box below – we’ll only send you information that we know can help you sleep.

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